Be Forbidden


Palm Distribution, Inc. was founded in the fall of 2009 to develop, brew and distribute a premium brand of exhilarating flavors for a new zesty malt liquor beverage. In recent years, consumers created a demand for imaginative new flavors with a smoother, non-bitter taste that isn't masked by excessive sweetness.

At our headquarters in Florida, we assembled a management team with a vision in developing new consumer products coupled with a passion for partying and extreme sports. Our creative goal was to discover a wicked new line of malt drinks with improved taste.

In 2010, our vision became a reality with the introduction of TauBu® flavored malt beverages. Whether your customer is into motocross, snowboarding, surfing, racing, skiing, climbing or partying, TauBu® has an exciting new flavor that will slam their taste buds, such as Wicked Punch™, Midnite Berry™ and Evil Apple™.

In 2013, we developed refreshing wine base pouches to compliment our cans. Our 10 oz. resealable pouches provide an array of options for the end user. Pour it into a glass with ice, chill to a slushy drink, or freeze it and pop it into the cooler for travel. We understand alcohol consumption can be interrupted, so with our resealable cap, no product will be wasted.

Our goal for 2015, is to expand our can line with flavors that will appeal to the spirits customer as well as introducing our attractive 10% ALC, 12 oz. Bottles.