Be Forbidden


Try all four exhilarating flavors:

23.5 oz. Cans

  • Purified
    It's not contaminated, but instead completely purified through our 6-step process. That's how we take away all the undesired components.
  • Sparkling Purified
    This is a nice alternative to carbonated sugary drinks. This produces the same effervescent effect when it comes in contact with the taste buds. Increases the feeling of fullness and helps digestion.
  • Hemp Infused
    CBD is a cannabinoid that is gaining popularity for it's results for Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Neuroprotective, and Antioxidant. There are different ways to consume it, but what better way to take it than in an infusion with a product that we take daily.
  • Alkaline
    What is Alkaline water? It is water with a high pH level and lower acidity. It helps neutralize stomach acid and relieves symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux