Be Forbidden


Do you spend your time accomplishing the impossible? Then, it's time to taste the forbidden. In a time when imagination rules, TauBuĀ® has a zesty line of products; three 12% alcohol malt beverages in a 24 oz. can and three 6% alcohol wine based coolers in a convenient resealable 10 oz. pouch.

Try all six exhilarating flavors:

23.5 oz. Cans

  • Evil Apple
    Experience the Taste of the Forbidden Fruit. Sinfully crisp taste with a potent kick.

  • Wicked Fruit Punch

    Ignite your taste buds! Turn up the heat with the punch of the tropics in a smooth, full-bodied malt beverage.

  • Midnight Berry

    Everything Good Happens After Midnight. Our sexy new raspberry malt liquor has a hint of grape for added punch.

10 oz. Pouches

  • Lime Margarita
    Oh, Margarita! A little sweet, a little salty - she's one cool girl!

  • Strawberry Daquiri

    Succulent strawberry with a bold rum flavor in this classic cocktail. A sweet side with a powerful punch.

  • Pina Colada

    A pineapple-coconut PARTY in a pouch. We bring the rum - You bring the ice.